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Sports Team & Group Packages


Sports Teams & Group Packages


Cryotherapy For Health & Wellness

Whether to assist the recovery of sports-related injuries, reduce chronic pain, burn calories, improve athletic performance, tone and tighten skin, recover faster between workouts or just feel overall more energetic and healthier, whole body cryotherapy has been proven a powerful technique for over three decades.

  • Enhance Recovery and Overall Wellness

  • Full Body Rejuvenation

  • Reinforce Natural Beauty

  • Face and Body Sessions

Many professional athletes, companies and models use cryotherapy as their secret weapon to look and feel their best. Our clients report that their cryotherapy experience is invigorating and improves a variety of conditions such as stress, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, eczema and psoriasis while boosting overall energy.

“My energy level has sky rocketed, my mood is happy and my overall feeling of well being is incredible. I can honestly say that I feel 10 years younger! I don’t even need my three o’clock coffee to keep going!”

Brenda Gaines

Treat yourself. You deserve it.