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The Facts About Cryo for Sports Recovery

It seems like every week we are hearing about some celebrity or athlete using cryotherapy as a part of their health routine. Whether it is for recovery or beauty, more and more people are turning to cryotherapy for answers. Recently CNET explored the many benefits of cryotherapy in sports and muscle recovery in their article, [...]

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Should You Try Cryo?

Many people live their lives plagued by chronic pain. Doctors are faced with few options for pain management, aside from often painful physical therapy and harmful prescription drugs. This leaves people feeling less than optimistic when considering pain management options. In recent years more people have been turning to cryotherapy as alternative to the traditional [...]

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Nordic Cryo Spa is a recovery and rejuvenation cryotherapy center dedicated to help people feel and look their best. We offer whole body cryotherapy, compression therapy, and other sports recovery services to help your body recover in a relaxing environment.

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