Cryotherapy’s popularity is on the rise, and today’s athletes are taking full advantage of it. Conditioning for sports can be extremely intense, and some athletes even jump from one training session to another within the same day. Many do not have the time to fully recover from their grueling workouts, so they have turned to cryotherapy to rest and revive their bodies. So what benefits does it provide to these athletes?

Quick Recovery

Professional athletes are constantly on the move. Their schedules tend to be jam-packed with workouts, games, etc. With so much training and pressure put on their physical condition with little time to recover, athletes turn to cryotherapy to rejuvenate their bodies and stay in peak condition.

Stronger Performance

Recovering quickly means that athletes will not be worn out and exhausted for their next training session or event. They will be able to boost agility and endurance all the while feeling more energized and ready to work. 

Pain Relief

Cryotherapy reduces symptoms of the various sets of inflammatory conditions that impact athletes. It soothes muscle and joint pain with increased blood flow. The coldness can also numb irritated nerves.

Improve Mood

The cold temperatures of whole-body cryotherapy can cause the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins. This can have a positive effect on those struggling with anxiety and depression. 

Nordic Cryo Spa

Get started with cryotherapy at Nordic Cryo Spa today! Our cryotherapy center provides a relaxing environment with multiple reclining chairs where a variety of services can be utilized, including heat and cold wraps, active compression wraps, and a recharge experience through CBD Stress Relief balms. We also have 2 private recovery rooms for specific services including whole body cryotherapy, and one for localized cryotherapy.