Luxury Cryo Center

Taking time out each day to relax & renew is essential to living well!

Nordic Cryo Spa is proud to be a leader in cryotherapy, compression therapy and fat reduction services in New Bern, NC. Our non-invasive and proven services provide real results to clients looking to enjoy greater well-being and health. With Nordic Cryo Spa you can recover faster, boost endurance and feel younger inside and out.


Face & Body Services

Affordable and effective health and recovery packages include whole body cryotherapy, cryotherapy facials and compression therapy which deliver exceptional results in the areas of wellness, beauty therapy, sports performance, and fat reduction.

$45 For Single Session – 2 to 3 minutes at -220°F with Impact cryosauna

$55 For Single Session –  20 minutes at -22°F with CryoStorm localized device

$20 For Single Session –  30 minutes recovery for legs with Rapid Reboot system




Massage Therapy

Whether you want the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation or are recovering from an injury, our massage therapist utilize a variety of techniques to help clients feel their absolute best.



The 2-3 minute cryotherapy session reduces inflammation and releases endorphins that help alleviate pain, boost energy and increase the body’s natural healing abilities.


Slimming & Trimming

The Cryo One Selene slims and tones problematic cellulite areas on the body. Through the use of thermology and cryotherapy the Cryo One Selene destroys fat cells and allows specific areas to be contoured and reshaped.


Compression Therapy

Similar to a massage, Rapid Reboot compression therapy applies pressure on the legs and other areas of the body to release tension, increase blood flow, and reduces pain and soreness.



Reverse the signs of aging with a CryoStorm cryofacial. From glowing skin to reduced lines and wrinkles, nothing is more cutting-edge than a cryotherapy facial.


Localized Cryo

Localized cryo with the CryoStorm provides subzero degree temperature that acts as a natural analgesic, reducing further inflammation and relieving pain in targeted areas.

“I use cryotherapy for my skin, weight loss and general well-being 5 days a week and absolutely love it”

Shanda Sullivan

“I was skeptical about cryo treatments prior to bringing my son to Nordic Cryo. He is a starting tackle for one of the local high schools. Our son legs were tight and he said they just felt heavy. He took advantage of the freeze and squeeze package and loved it. Our son felt rejuvenated and felt like he could enjoy a mile after the treatment. We will definitely be coming back and he will not be alone. My wife and I will also be receiving treatment. I highly recommend Nordic Cryo Spa & Salon!”

Robert Kestler

“I have an extremely stressful job as a Sr. Business Analyst, telecommuter, with 19 years of experience in data analysis and reporting in the healthcare industry.   So I have to constantly think outside the box and resolve data issue every day.  I was introduced to Cryotherapy by my dog’s handler back in May 2019.  She informed me that she was having lower back and foot issues over the Memorial Holiday weekend and her boss made an appointment for her to go get a freeze and squeeze.  She did and raved about the how she felt after the session.  So I decided to try it out and made an appointment with Randy/Christy to come in the first week of June.  I was very apprehensive about the entire process but I needed to find something that would help me decompress when I was unable to schedule my monthly massages with my masseuse.    I LOVE the cold so this therapy was right up my alley.

As a beginner, Randy started me at Level 1 for 3 minutes.  Once completed, I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and noticed that I had more clarity in my brain as soon as I stepped out of the chamber, which is a contributory factor of all of my stress.  Then, I proceeded with the 30 minute full-body compression session and that just sealed the deal for me!!  I now look forward to going to my cryotherapy session every week and I’ve been going for 21 weeks straight and now I am at Level 3 at 3 minutes.  YAY!!  Woo Woo!”

Deborah Fair

“I gave this therapy a try last night, after hearing of my daughter and her boyfriend’s great experience there last weekend. I’m a runner and I use a health and wellness nutritional system to keep me healthy and fit, after I lost 110 lbs. year ago, when I changed my unhealthy lifestyle. I found the cryogenic chamber to be very beneficial in terms of how great it made feel not only upon exiting it, but throughout the night and this morning! I slept like a baby last night and woke up full of energy and mental clarity! I also used the leg compression system there, as I tend to have some soreness and inflammation in my legs and knees after running. I also suffer from Edema and my knees have taken a beating over the years.

The treatment was awesome and my legs felt great throughout it, all last night, and this morning I had no swelling or inflammation and I feel like I could go run a half marathon this morning! Randy, the owner, was very polite and informative and he made my first visit there educational and totally stressless! He talked me through every procedure and he definitely put me at ease. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable. I will be coming back to purchase a treatment package and I highly recommend this holistic therapy if you want relief from inflammation, swelling, body aches, or you just want to feel better!”

Dana Steele